5 Reasons Why Flexible Workspaces are Perfect for the Hybrid Workplace

Businesses are Looking for a Hybrid Workplace

After a year of the largest remote work experiment in the world, there’s a general consensus that the future of work is going to be different. While there may still be a difference of opinion between executives and their staff of what the workplace will look like, there’s no doubt it will be a more hybrid model; a workplace that blends home and office locations to give employees the freedom to choose where they work.

According to The Work Survey, conducted by ServiceNow and Wakefield Research, 93% of executives and 83% of employees were concerned about how remote work will impact the business moving forward. There are real concerns and incentives on both sides to give it a real go. When viewed from a financial perspective, remote work saves on the bottom line.

With such huge savings, remote employment should be a no-brainer for many businesses. However, working from home has its disadvantages too, such as managing staff performance, or being less aware of stress and anxiety workmates might be experiencing. A difficult client call, feelings of isolation, burnout, and decreased morale can become more prevalent when there’s no coworker nearby to talk to.

To tackle these challenges head-on, more and more businesses are looking to a hybrid workplace that provides flexibility for employees to work from the office in combination with remote work. What is the best-combined strategy? It is as simple as meeting in the middle. 

1. Save on capital

The guarantees required by leasing an office space lock up your capital. With so much uncertainty in the market, you can easily be stuck, literally and figuratively, in a space that no longer suits your current needs. With a serviced office, you only pay a small monthly deposit upfront for the space you rent, typically one month rather than a 3 to 6 month deposit required for a traditional office lease. 


2. Vast array of choices

One of the greatest benefits to utilizing serviced offices and coworking spaces is the choice factor. Whatever the need may be, a serviced office provider can meet it with many available customizations:

  • Budget vs. premium: Is it time to dress to impress, or is a lower budget option suitable?
  • External vs. internal: Dreaming of an office filled with natural light? Choose an external office that comes with just that. Or if you’re not too fussed with having a window in your office, choose from a well-lit internal office that still benefits from plenty of light.
  • Coworking desks in shared office vs. private office: Whether you want to work amongst the buzz of like-minded people in a coworking space, in the privacy of your own office suite, or in a casual meeting room you can drop into, explore your flexible office solutions today.‌

3. Pay as you go for what you need

Only need meeting rooms once a week? Then pay for them only when you need them, unlike a lease where you are always paying for unused space and features that you never use. ‌ Have a team of 10 today but aim to be 20 next year? Need more space for team members who decide to return to the office full time? Then rent an office for 10 and then add more space when you need to — the office should be as flexible as you are and allow you to expand your business as needed.

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4. Clear and transparent all-inclusive costs

When you own a building or lease a space, things like maintenance and repairs are your responsibility. Taking a coworking desk or office in a serviced space means you’ll be free from any of these worries. Absolutely everything is taken care of; all you have to do is focus on what you do best. Get the modern, professional frontage you want without the hassle of managing a tenancy yourself.

5. Fully-managed health and safety

In having a trusted community manager onsite, health and safety concerns no longer need to fall on your shoulders. Your rental agreement includes the assurance that the office will be clean and safe for your staff. Shared office providers list their spaces for rent with predetermined health and safety standards. Particularly in returning to not only the physical office, but also being back in close physical contact with coworkers after a pandemic, sanitation and cleanliness remain a top priority.

In Summary

These are just 5 of the many benefits of taking a flexible office solution at a Serviced Office or Coworking Space. Flexible Workspace Australia has a range of workspace members who offer their services in premium locations across the country. Explore today!

This article is adapted from on an article that first appeared on Rubberdesk (www.rubberdesk.com.au)



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