We have a vision to achieve sustainable growth and success for Australia’s flexible workspace industry.

We welcome stakeholders from all backgrounds whose primary objective is to advance Australia’s flexible workspace industry. It is through variety, uniqueness, originality and the freedom of choice that the flexible sector succeeds.

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Flexible Workspace Collaboration


We connect all stakeholders of the flexible workspace industry in Australia to create a healthy ecosystem and community that encourages idea and resource sharing, allows talents to develop and innovate, and foster beneficial partnerships. In addition, we strive to raise awareness and understanding among peers, partners, end-users and the government to influence policy making in support of the flexible workspace industry.



Collaboration over Competition


Community over Agendas


Participation over Observation


Diversity over Exclusivity

Flexible Workspace Australia is the peak body for coworking and flexible workspace providers and partners across all cities and regions of Australia.

“The Future Is Flex” and the demand for it as a real estate vertical is rising rapidly. In 2019 flexible workspaces accounted for 2.5% of all net lettable commercial area. Forecasting has it surging to north of 30% over the next decade and for that a peak body needed to be created.

Flexible Workspaces Australia offers a platform for its members to interact, collaborate, support and thrive together as one entity. Through extensive programming of professional development events, workshops and seminars, we help our members foster closer relationships within the network and set them up towards more opportunities for growth and success.

Our members can contribute towards building a diverse network of flexible workspace locations that spans across Australia. Moreover, our members can work together to create enticing workplace solutions for businesses of all industry backgrounds and business sizes.


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