Flexible Workspace Australia Ltd (FWA) represents the Coworking and Flexible Workspace Industry, with the goal to be ‘the peak body for coworking & flexible workspace across all cities and regions of Australia’.

FWA is the delivery partner for the Boosting Coworking Program. Eastern Innovation (EIBC LTD) is the grant recipient and auspice of the program. The program has been funded by the Victorian Government, Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (Office of Suburban Development) through Eastern Metropolitan Partnerships. The program is a pilot designed to inform future support for flexible and coworking workspaces and the promotion of coworking.


Workspaces are defined as authorised and participating coworking and flexible space providers located in the municipalities of Knox, Maroondah Manningham, Monash, Whitehorse and Yarra Ranges. They are either existing workspaces or participating council pop-up coworking spaces.


Workers are defined as the target market of coworking spaces and flexible workspaces and might include, entrepreneurs, creative business owners, professional service providers, case workers, allied health professionals and more.


  • FWA will market to workers inviting them to reserve a $100 coworking voucher for use in November 2021 at a participating workspace of their choice in the eastern region.
  • Workers will reserve their $100 (ex gst) from FWA website and nominate which space they want to use.
  • FWA will give the contact details of the worker directly to the workspace as they register.
  • FWA will issue the workspace with unique voucher numbers
  • The participating workspace will contact the worker and let them know how the workspace operates, how to use the voucher and what services or spaces may be redeemed.
  • The workspace will issue a tax invoice the worker directly, and use a discount code to reduce their bill by $100 (ex gst).
  • No cash refunds will be available, nor will the vouchers be exchangeable for cash or any other services that are not deemed normal coworking or meeting room services.
  • The worker will use the workspace (including meeting room services) in the month of November 2021. (NOTE: If Covid impacts the time to use the vouchers may extend through December, January and February).
  • The workspace will collate the tax invoices and send a copy to FWA at the conclusion of the program (target month December, covid-impact depending).
  • FWA will pay a lump sum, matching the used vouchers, to the workspace company. FWA reserves the right to confirm use of vouchers with workers.
  • The worker must USE the workspace for the workspace to be able to redeem the $100 (ex gst).
  • The number of vouchers available to the workspace will depend on the total number of participating workspaces and will be divided equally. Depending on uptake of reservation, you may be issued with further vouchers towards the end of the reservation time.
  • The total number of vouchers is 350.
  • Promotion of the program will go live, mid-September and throughout October (and if needed throughout November, covid-impact depending).
  • FWA will also survey workers after their participation.


  • The workspace must be a financial member of Flexible Workspace Australia Ltd (annual membership $200).
  • The workspace must agree to promote the program via their marketing channels (e.g. social media, email marketing, etc) to attract the target market across the region.
  • The workspace must agree to participate in a survey to provide valuable feedback to FWA and the Victorian Government.


If you are an eligible workspace and would like to express interest in being one of the workspaces involved in this program, please complete your details below: