The Transformative Power of Networking and Events for Flexible Workspace Australia Members

In the ever-evolving world of flexible workspaces, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. One of the most effective ways to thrive in this industry is by actively engaging in networking and events. For members of Flexible Workspace Australia (FWA), these...

11 Reasons to Attract Different Generations to Your Coworking Space

1. Create a rich culture and coworking community Coworking communities thrive on different people interacting. 2. Bring in a diversity of skills and work experience The more skills and experience in a coworking community, the better. 3. House a variety of...

Zoom or Teams Rooms vs BYOD. Which One Works Best for Flexible Workspaces?

The team at Seon Solutions are often asked about the differences between Zoom/Teams Rooms and BYOD setup. Our response is often to investigate several things, the field of work they are in, the users experience with technology, the size of your business and if an IT...
Coworking Megatrends for 2023

Coworking Megatrends for 2023

Last year we saw choice come to the forefront as workers said ‘no thank you’ to a return to the office. Brand and amenities were all the rage and will continue to be the new ‘it couple’ of coworking. Real estate is still on unsteady ground and by unsteady ground we...

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