Why Hybrid Work Is The Preferred Work Environment Across 11 Countries

A global 2024 study shows how hybrid work is the preferred work model, with variations found across 11 countries based on how employees perceive work-life balance. As businesses around the world adjust to evolving work cultures, the 2024 Global MARCO New Consumer...

7 Ways to Drive Growth in Your Business

For thousands of professionals across Australia, coworking has become ubiquitous with a new and innovative way of doing business. What started out as a blip on the corporate radar has quickly evolved as a critical component for business operations nationwide. Although...

Coffee Shop vs Coworking Space – A Definitive Guide

Digital natives are the latest to disrupt traditional working atmospheres in favour of making their own legacies and futures. Hot on the heels of new-age entrepreneurs are coworking spaces and coffee shops that offer what many consider the backbone of today’s...
5 Tips to Prevent Little Tasks from Disrupting Your Day

5 Tips to Prevent Little Tasks from Disrupting Your Day

I was getting ready to start my day this morning when I got tempted to switch out a light bulb. However, this wasn’t just a simple light bulb. It is one of those fancy Wi-Fi-enabled bulbs that would allow my Alexa system to control one of the lights in my office area....

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15 wellness hacks for flexible workspaces to try out

15 wellness hacks for flexible workspaces to try out

The burnout crisis is real. A recent study by Gallup revealed that 23% of workers experience burnout “very often” or “always”, and a further 44% experience it “sometimes”. Lots of work and lifestyle-related things can cause chronic stress, which in turn leads to...

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