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Endeavour House, 1 Franklin Street, Manuka , ACT 2603, Australia
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With just under 3,000 square metres of space and prominently positioned 15 minutes from Parliament this location was set up to provide a voice for social change makers who needed to be heard by power-brokers and legislators.

The vision was to amplify the voices of our community members and those wishing to effect positive social change at a National Policy level, allow the building to become a canvas (or stage) for Voices to share their purpose, engage with storytelling, culture and the arts so that important messages resonate and are passed on and to create a Canberra icon that becomes known as a centre for good people, who do good work.

Much of the vision has been achieved but we’d love you to come and add your voice to our community’s who benefit from co-located space with shared facilities, retail space and private office space.