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167-175 Flinders St, Adelaide , South Australia 5000, Australia
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Intersect is a place where our members and their clients connect to achieve more.

Intersect is an innovative corporate coworking space and a network of businesspeople who share similar values and working styles. Our members work independently and collaboratively, sometimes joining resources to offer a whole business solution to their clients.

Intersect offers four levels of Membership: Corporate, Touchdown, Club and Virtual. Intersect Members enjoy all the benefits of collaboration – beyond what can be achieved by working individually -­­ and access the physical benefits of membership, including joint marketing and promotion, access to significant referral networks and state-­­of-­­the-­­ art office facilities.

The overarching values of Intersect are trust, high quality, and pride with a sense of family, flexibility, and fun.

The culture respects the privacy of each member along with the privacy of their client and professional relationships. Intersect promotes a natural referral relationship, founded on respect and trust, with the only outcome being a greater positive result for the client.

Intersect is a corporate concept where individuals and businesses converge.

Intersect -­­ An exciting way to connect and do business.