How to Make the Most of Working in a Coworking Space

So you’ve decided to rent some desk space in a coworking office. Whether you’re on your own or part of a team, get ready to enjoy all the benefits coworking has to offer. To help make the most of what’s available, here are a few considerations and useful tips that will help ensure you maximise your time in the office.

Whether you’re wanting to be surrounded by like-minded people in a productive work environment, grow your professional network, or simply get work done, coming into a coworking environment with an open, friendly approach is ideal.

1. Tour a few spaces before you pick an office

We’re big on the whole ‘try before you buy’ concept and understanding the atmosphere of the coworking space is important in deciding if the office will be a good fit for you. Meet the people who work there in person – do you see yourself getting along with them? Is there enough natural light? What are the meeting rooms and other facilities like? These are all important factors when deciding which space will be the best fit for you, your team and your business.

Not all coworking offices are the same, and there is now more choice than ever, ranging from corporate executive to vibrant, creative and artsy spaces.

2. Say “Hi” to your coworkers

A simple and friendly “Hi” in the morning kick starts networking opportunities. More importantly, daily conversations with your coworkers enhance the sense of community in the space. Whether you need a quick distraction from a heavy workload, or you need advice on a business issue, communication is key in a coworking office. More often than not, your coworkers will be more than willing to have a chat.

3. Attend coworking events

Regardless if you’ve taken a desk with a large coworking operator such as WeWork, Hub Australia or in an office shared with another small business, there will be community events throughout the year. From Melbourne Cup lunch to the end of year Christmas party, or even just Friday afternoon drinks, no matter the event – just go!

A lot of large coworking operators host many social and professional events such as networking events, professional development events, and even fitness and wellbeing classes. Be sure to make the most of the opportunities that coworking spaces offer. In doing so, you won’t just be growing your professional network, you will also enhance your relationships with the people who work alongside you every day.

4. Offer genuine advice, don’t just sell your business

Coworking spaces aren’t where you always need to be selling, rather building relationships. You have an infinite amount of resources in your network, your own professional knowledge and personal experiences that can often be of great use to your coworkers.

You’re striving to achieve your own goals, but helping others along the way is meaningful in more than one way. Focus on building long term relationships with your coworkers, not quick sales opportunities.

5. Use the shared facilities

Most Coworking spaces have shared facilities such as break out areas, kitchens, meeting rooms, printers, etc. But many of the big operators also have extra perks such as gyms, wellness centres or relaxation rooms all of which are there for you to make the most of. The coworking model is focussed on flexibility as well as maintaining a healthy work-life balance. These facilities are there to encourage you to take a break from your busy workday and relieve some stress.

In summary

Finally, one of the greatest aspects of taking a desk or office in a coworking space is the ability to pay only for what you use and cut out all the expensive overheads typically associated with traditional office space. With flexible licence agreements, you can expand your team at short notice.

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