How to make the office worth the commute

As working from home orders have eased we are not only seeing a rise in workers returning to the office, we’re also seeing a change in attitude towards what has become the ‘new era of work’. And to be honest, people don’t look quite so depressed on their morning commutes anymore. There, we said it!

According to Microsoft’s latest Work Trend Index leaders need to make the office worth the commute. More than a third (38%) of hybrid employees say their biggest challenge is knowing when and why to come into the office. Yet few companies (just 28%) have established team agreements to clearly define the new norms.

People love having choices

Brought about by the introduction of hybrid and flexible work arrangements, people are more motivated to come into the office on the days that work best for them. According to Microsoft’s research, hybrid work requires new team norms to ensure time together is intentional. Whilst there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, experiment with weekly team lunches, or midweek coffee catchups on specific week days. The key for managers is to provide clear guidance to help encourage office routines for their employees.

Not only that, but the days that are spent in the office are much more intentional, meaningful and productive.

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People love people

There’s nothing better than greeting a coworker after not seeing them for months at a time. Zoom catchups and slack messages can only do so much when it comes to forging meaningful relationships with your team. Casual conversations throughout the day contribute to a better workplace, something that is virtually impossible to achieve in a remote work environment.

People (and businesses) love Flex

Coworking and Serviced offices are flexible in more ways than one. As part of establishing the why, when and how of the office, managers must rethink how space can play a crucial role. Flexible office space caters to this need exceptionally well, with beautifully designed office spaces in convenient locations. Benefits include break-out spaces, collaboration zones, private meeting rooms, fully-furnished offices, and vibrant coworking space. Many spaces are even open around the clock. The leasing terms are flexible, too — you can scale up or down whenever you need to. According to Microsoft,

Organizations that fail to grasp the new intentionality required to define the role of the office risk missing out on the true benefits of hybrid work.

So… Should I bring my team back to the office?

Yes! And not just any office, you need a space that your team actually enjoys coming to. There are so many Coworking and Serviced Offices available all with different vibes, aesthetics, amenities and services.


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