How to Use Flexible Offices to Build a Better Workplace

While some businesses will be happy to lock into long-term leases and take advantage of depressed prices, many others will look to serviced offices to manage the ups and downs of market volatility over the coming months and years.

Today, a serviced office offers the opportunity to pay as you go in a fully furnished and fully equipped rental space. They often offer other flexible workplace trends such as coworking spaces, where multiple companies share a modern office space.

The office spaces are located in buildings owned by coworking operators, who will rent out entire floors or individual offices, depending on a business’s needs. Serviced offices allow businesses to rethink their traditional office spaces by increasing flexibility regarding finance, amenities, and accessibility.‌

The Current Need for Alternative Workspaces

Today, businesses are seeking alternative options — such as serviced offices — to the traditional office in recognition of the financial benefits and the benefits for employees. The current market uncertainty means it is difficult to ascertain where a company will be in six, twelve, or twenty-four months. In this environment, it can be difficult to commit to a long-term lease.

Serviced offices offer an alternative with flexible terms and shorter-term agreements, providing options in an era of uncertainty.

Furthermore, long-term leases tend to require large down payments, generally three to six months rent in advance. This is money that any size business could save and repurpose by using serviced offices.

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As businesses continue to search for ways to maximize their financial security during the market ups and downs, many face the issue of unneeded space. Serviced offices provide further savings through space efficiency. They allow businesses to select exactly how much space they will utilize, whether it be one office or an entire floor. Long-term leases lock businesses into an amount of space that they may not fully use. There is no need to pay for this unneeded space when using serviced offices.

With the transition to increased remote work, employees are currently demanding more flexibility on where they work. A flexible place of work is more important than ever during the constant changes in workplace policy and employee needs. Serviced offices allow businesses to accommodate these demands in a financially practical way.

Unlike with a long-term lease, it is easy to customize the space’s size and accessibility according to how employees want to interact with their workplace. As more and more employees work from home, less space may be practical. Conversely, not all employees will want to work from home, so businesses can accommodate these needs using serviced offices.

Using serviced offices

Serviced offices have many benefits for businesses and their employees. In a volatile market, they provide a way to manage the uncertainty in a way that traditional leased options do not allow. By considering using serviced offices, businesses can offer their employees flexible workspaces with a variety of amenities.

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