The Future Of Workplace Experience

In a future of work where people and organisations have the choice to work from anywhere, continued success will depend on being able to empower individuals, teams and employees at all levels of management to work well and continue to be productive. Key drivers of workplace experience boil down to Physical, Social and Digital transformations.

Physical Transformation

As people will be coming into the workplace to perform activities that they cannot do at home, office design will become one that facilitates communication, cooperation and collaboration.

  • Greater number of smaller sized private rooms dedicated for focussed work and calls
  • Larger collaborative spaces that facilitate interaction and conversations
  • More spaces for wellness activities and wellbeing such as showers, fitness spaces, recreational areas, pantries and more

Enhanced infrastructure to promote health such as airflow, sanitation, soundproofing, sustainability, green design and temperature checks

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Social Transformation

As the office will become a place where employees choose to work from, greater incentives will be needed to attract people into the office.

  • Provision of professional development programming, mental health support, team building activities and networking events that are run both in-person and virtually
  • More facilitated watercooler moments, coffee chats, happy hours to maintain rapport, spontaneity and inclusion for remote working teams
  • Office work hours may change to allow for flexitime policies and accommodate cross-international time zone collaborations

Digital Transformation

With an increasing demand to work flexibly and remotely, technology and digitalisation of workflows will play a pivotal role in enabling day to day productivity

  • Collaboration in the future will increasingly rely on cloud based storage systems and filesharing services
  • Virtual conferences, webinars and calls will continue to be a more prominent part of the communication and collaboration mix
  • The workplace will require advanced cybersecurity and secure technological infrastructure

For more insight, download the Future of Work Roadmap Whitepaper here.

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