What Are the Benefits of Phone Booths in Coworking Spaces?

Post-pandemic we are seeing more people opt into coworking spaces. Though co-working has brought about numerous benefits, one of its biggest drawbacks is the noise level. One solution many coworking spaces have utilised is soundproof phone booths. Here are some benefits of having phone booths in a co-working space.

Instant Privacy:

As members in coworking spaces share the environment, it may be difficult to find privacy. Phone booths create a private space where members can make calls, conduct meetings, or simply work in private.

Provides flexibility:

Phone booths are versatile and can be used in a number of ways. Whether it be a personal call, a professional meeting or just need some peace and quiet.

Improve Productivity:

Constant clicking, typing, and chattering is commonplace in coworking spaces. Phone booths can negate these distractions creating a more peaceful and serene environment that helps members stay focused and become more productive.


With business meetings and video conferences, there is an expected level of professionalism to be upheld. Phone booths provide a professional environment that can improve the overall image.

Increase Inclusivity:

Phone booths are also designed to accommodate for individuals who require a quiet space to work due to neurodiversity, sensitivity to noise or other similar needs. This can make coworking spaces more inclusive and accessible for everyone.


Ultimately, phone booths provide workplaces a worthwhile investment further supporting the bottom line. Research shows 98% of staff are interrupted by distractions 3 to 5 times a day. So by removing distractions, we improve worker satisfaction and create a value-add.

In conjunction with their benefits, there are many factors coworking spaces should consider if deciding to install phone booths, examples being size, ventilation, lighting, durability, and price. By knowing the strengths and considerations of phone booths, coworking spaces can create an environment that meets the needs of its members and to overall enhance workplaces.

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