Adding a Listing

Once your account is created, you will be sent a Welcome email with the title “Add your workspace to the FWA Directory” with a link to set your password and to add the Workspace listing.

Log in to User account here:

Add a new Directory Listing here:

The Workspace will then need to complete the following form, filling in all of the below fields. Note that these can be edited later by the Workspace user who created the listing or by an Admin on the website backend.

Click Next to proceed to the add Workspace screen.
The map will automatically show the location of the business using data pulled from Google Maps. If there are any issues with the location showing correctly, it can be overridden using the Enter latitude/longitude manually information.
Photos should meet the following requirements:

  • JPG or PNG file format
  • Minimum 1000 x 1000 pixel width and height
  • No larger than 2MB file size per image

Year Established

The Year Established will allow you to select the Month and Year, however only the Year will actually be displayed so you can disregard the Month for this option (leave it as default).


Tags are used for organising locations into Metro or Regional categories between States. Tags will need to be applied to ensure a Workspace appears in the appropriate directory based on it’s location. Multiple tags can be used for areas that are on border locations.

When completed, click Submit

The listing will then be ready for approval by a website Admin. Your listing will be published once your listing is approved.

Preview / Edit Listing

You can view all of your listed and pending Workspace listings by visiting your dashboard here:

To preview or edit the listing, you can select the gear icon and choose Edit.

If you have purchased a membership for more than one Workspace location, please repeat the above instructions for each location. The number of locations submitted must not exceed the number of locations you applied for as part of your membership application process. This will be checked as part of the approval process. Should you require additional Workspaces to be added to your membership, please email If you don’t have sufficient information to complete all Workspace Listings at the one time, you can submit as many as possible initially and then repeat these instructions again in future when ready

Logo Upload

You can upload your Workspace logo for us to use here:

From here you can click on the Choose file button and select a logo image from your computer, then click Submit Post.

Our website admin will be notified once this has been completed.

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