The Inaugural FWA Awards!

We’re celebrating excellence and innovation within the flexible workspace industry.


Welcome to the Inaugural Flexible Workspace Australia Awards!

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The Inaugural Flexible Workspace Australia Awards are a celebration of excellence and innovation within the flexible workspace industry. This prestigious event aims to recognise and honour outstanding achievements in workspace design, community engagement, diversity and inclusion and sustainability impact.

Through these awards, we highlight the remarkable efforts of individuals and organisations dedicated to shaping the future of workspaces across Australia.

The inaugural awards cocktail party will be held at Flex by ISPT, where panoramic city views provide a breathtaking backdrop.

Immerse yourself in this quintessentially Melbourne experience, food curated to perfection by Movida, infusing a touch of local flavour into our celebration.

This evening marks our opportunity to honour and celebrate the unwavering dedication of our community in shaping the future of work with a range of awards encompassing community management, design, diversity and inclusion and sustainability.

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Community Manager of the Year

Design Excellence

Diversity and Inclusion

Sustainability Impact Awards

Winners will be announced on Friday 2nd August at the Awards Cocktail Party!

  • We encourage all businesses who have a connection to the flexible workspace industry to enter
  • Each category will be judged by a board member, sponsor (if applicable) and an independent person
  • One reference will be required
  • You can self-nominate and/or nominate others
  • You can vote for a company and/or person
  • The awards will be presented at the FWA cocktail party. We strongly encourage award nominees to be in attendance 
  • Supporting images are recommended to visually enhance your entry and provide visual context for the judges
  • Recognition at the Inaugural Awards Cocktail Party
  • Recognition within the Flexible Workspace Industry
  • Profiled in the August industry eDM
  • Profiled on the Flexible Workspace Australia website and social media channels
  • Profiled in the FWA industry report
  • Webinar series on award winners

Community Manager of the Year

Community Engagement:
Describe your day-to-day commitment as a community manager, referring to your engagement with your workspace members.

Provide 1-3 examples of initiatives you have implemented to enhance member experience and contribute to the overall success of your workspace community.

Provide 1-3 examples of how you demonstrated leadership in your workspace community, whether through community events, conflict resolution, or managing team dynamics.

Reference measurable indicators of impact (e.g., growth of retention rates, NPS scores, revenue growth, etc.) to assist the judges in assessing the application.

Nominations Have Now Closed

Design and Excellence:

Innovative Design:
Describe how your workspace design optimises space utilisation, promotes collaboration, supply chain/procurement choices and accommodates diverse work styles and needs.

Explain how your workspace design integrates technology, amenities, and ergonomic features to support productivity, comfort, and well-being for users (include any ratings achieved).

Aesthetic Appeal:
Discuss how your workspace design showcases creativity, aesthetics, and attention to detail, creating an inspiring environment for users.

Explain how your workspace design and budget challenges exhibits flexibility and adaptability to accommodate evolving needs, trends, and preferences of users and stakeholders.

Nominations Have Now Closed

Diversity and Inclusion:

Inclusive Practices:
Describe your commitment to fostering an inclusive workspace environment that celebrates diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and identities.

Diverse Community:
Explain how you actively promote diversity and representation within the workspace community, fostering opportunities for underrepresented groups to thrive.

Equitable Policies:
Detail policies and practices that promote equity and fairness, ensuring equal access to opportunities, resources, and support for all members.

Provide evidence of tangible improvements in diversity, equity, and inclusion within the flexible workspace, creating a more welcoming and supportive environment for your team, members and wider community.

Nominations Have Now Closed

Sustainability Impact Awards

Environmental Impact:
Describe sustainable practices and initiatives that reduce environmental footprint, conserve resources, and promote eco-friendly operations within the workspace. Please provide examples of how people have been engaged with sustainability and impact goals.

Social Impact:
Explain initiatives that contribute to social well-being and empowerment of communities, including partnerships with local organisations, volunteering efforts, and philanthropic activities.

 Demonstrate innovation in sustainability practices, implementing creative solutions that address environmental or social challenges while maintaining business viability.

Measurable Impact:
Provide evidence of measurable improvements in environmental sustainability, social responsibility, or community well-being within the flexible workspace industry.

Nominations Have Now Closed

We encourage all eligible members to participate and showcase their remarkable contributions to the flexible workspace industry. Good luck to all entrants, and we look forward to celebrating your achievements at the conference dinner!

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